Hello all! Here is a breakdown of locations (dates will vary) I REALLY love the last 2 hours of the day for lighting purposes 


ALLENTOWN WHITE ORCHARDS _Allentown Location is Apx 3 miles off the turnpike and easily from backway rt 100/222 etc_ it is by Dorney Park

1. Orchards of white dogwoods (these last the longest and bloom typically mid spring bloom) - at the end of their blooming time the cherry blossoms are usually blooming (but at times they do NOT bloom together)- I would say right now these would start April 18th-May 1st (**tentative dates)


There is one large gorgeous pink blooming tree (mid-late April) AND the CHERRY BLOSSOMS_ Cherrys usually bloom around mothers day but the last few years have bloomed earlier (so early May)

This one is the large pink tree : (Cherry is similar)



The PINK Fence: this location is just the fence with the pink tree- but is very pretty_ it is at the end of a field by a middle school- so it would require about a half of a football field walk from parking lot (this should be around mid-late April)


HARLEYSVILLE FLEXIBLE:  This would be somewhere like Fishers Park - basically mid April- early May - I would find some locations that look nice - however I can not guarantee blooming by mid April- but some spots have random quick and pretty blooming