Two Photographers

Two Styles




Come join Marie McLean Photography and Pics and Giggles Photography for a full blown sunset DSLR and family photography workshop

The first hour will be a refresher/jumping into using your DSLR in manual mode

followed by several hours of shooting next to us side by side

See how we pose our families, take on sun angles, utilize light, and create natural yet classic photos

Q&A with some snacks and refreshments at the end

Allentown Rose Gardens

May 21st


Full Tuition: $250

a $75 deposit is required to hold your spot $175 due two weeks prior to class





This is for deposit only and full payment will be due two weeks prior to workshop date.

Once deposit is made, a full registration packet will be sent to you to complete the registration process.

What We'll Cover:

This experience is meant to be comprehensive and intense. We will cover proper settings for manual mode in your DSLR camera and how to get the perfect image SOOC. We will show you how to pose, transition between poses, and how to work with families including children of younger ages. During the session we will show you proper placement of the subject in regards to background. Intense coverage of lighting. Where to find the light, how to utilize the light, and sun angles. Most importantly we will show you both of our styles. Marie is very lifestyle oriented, she captures the true interactions between parents and their children and siblings. Lindsay takes on very classic and dramatic posing of families and children. Following the session we will have an open book Q&A with both of us. You will receive access to a facebook group for further sharing and Q&A

What you Need:

You must own a DSLR. It is okay if you are not yet in manual mode we will work for the first hour getting you into manual mode and comfortable with shooting in manual mode. This is NOT a class just to get into manual mode. It will be assumed that you will be comfortable enough after that hour to focus on how we are shooting and posing. Having a basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO would be preferred.


Lens requirements:

a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, or 135mm prime lens (Marie uses mostly her 85mm and 135mm)

and/or a zoom lens (Lindsay uses mostly her 70-200mm f2.8) any lens that zooms 200-300 will work


This workshop will occur at the Allentown Rose Gardens in Allentown Pennsylvania on May 21st from 4pm-8pm


If you have any questions please email us at: [email protected]