How did my story begin? Back in 2010 I was a Biochemist (I know I know- a bit of a change). I had worked very hard to where I wanted to be- and then boom- life had other plans. I had my twins early. Not just early- but VERY early. Everything I knew was turned upside down. My son Jack, passed away and my daughter Ellie had 104 day NICU stay. She is now amazing and doing so well! At the time, I had a baby who was on oxygen and needed years of therapy. My main concern was- how can I be her advocate? I knew this was no easy task and would take an incredible amount of time and dedication. I decided to leave my career at the time to give her everything I could. 

So, how does photography come into this? Well, back in college I took film classes, it was my outlet. My passion came from my mom, who always had a camera in her hand. I had no clue I would be able to use this outlet and passion to allow myself to grow a business that would let me stay at home and help my daughter through some difficult developmental milestones. Now, if any of you are business owners- you know this wasn't easy. I have spent many hours behind the scenes (staying up all night) to figure out every part of owning a business. I have taught myself almost 90% of my editing style. I knew what I wanted and I navigated the world of photoshop head on! I think this is what makes my style unique. 

Where am I now? Well 10 years later, a lot of ups and downs, and a whole lot of learning- I am a happy mom of 3 little girls with a growing business. As always I am blessed for all of those who have followed me on this journey! What a road it has been, and for anyone who is new- welcome aboard! 


** Photo credit ^ Melissa Kratzer Photography- CHECK HER OUT!**