Learn how to use your camera in manual mode


DSLR camera


Must have one of these

(if you do not have one I can guide you... price range $114 to as much as you want to spend :)

ONE of these

 50mm f1.8 or a 50mm f1.4 

 35mm f1.8 or 35mm f1.4

 *any prime lens

OR a zoom lens... something that goes up to 200mm or more



The class is a whole day of me teaching you (with models) how to use your DSLR camera.. NO EXPERIENCE required. You will be able to.. by the end of the day.. achieve the type of photos I take. I also give a guide to resources regarding editing. This class comes with a facebook page to share, comment, follow the work of others and get my feedback along with the option to come and shoot at any other class I offer :)  These classes are my favorite and my pride and passion!


*Note we will be doing indoor AND we will go and do an outdoor shoot during sunset*


Approximate Class time frame 4pm-8pm $225.00 Harleysville PA (MontCo) July 30th!